Customer Stories

Meet our customers

Building a home is an incredible journey. As the premier home builder in Airdrie, McKee Homes strives to create the ideal experience for our clients while crafting exceptional homes. Our commitment to you is unwavering support and unparalleled customer service.

Let our clients tell you why McKee Homes is one of the most sought-after homebuilders in the Airdrie area.

Customer Story - Deena

We had the pleasure of meeting Mark Penaluna when we were putting an offer on our new home! The entire process was handled very smoothly and he stood by us every step of the way. Our family is so pleased that we got to experience the purchase with someone as great as Mark in the showroom. He was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and most importantly he was very patient with us and made sure we understood everything and took the time to really make sure we have everything settled before we moved in. I recommend everyone to sit down with Mark if interested in purchasing a new home because he will truly make sure everything is fully ready and clients feel comfortable.

We love our new home and thanks to Mark for making our purchase stress free and smooth sailing!

Customer Story - Camellia

Our first exposure to McKee was walking into a show home in Bayside and being greeted by Alex. She was so incredibly friendly, and we felt her genuine warmth right away. It’s been a whirlwind since, deciding to build our very first home with McKee. I feel that Alex has checked in with us “just because” so many times. She has really added to the already great experience that we have had. She also sent us a lovely outfit for our daughter whom we were expecting when we signed to build the house. Thank you for all that you do and are Alex.

Customer Story - Stephan

We did shop around (different builders) and we went with McKee Homes. We found knowledgeable people from the start. From the show home (sales dpt) with Alexandra Larsen all the way with Ashley at home planning to the site crew with Mike. We were able to personalized our Kitchen to our taste without any issues. Higher management came out for us. They don't hide, they are proud of what they do and are not afraid to meet with the customer. They are professionals and I do recommend them for your next house. Service after sale is as good. Small details to fix, they are there the next day. What a team McKee. Keep it up. Great job.

Customer Story - Sasha

Ali was amazing, so helpful, passionate and patient, what a fantastic experience at the show homes. We absolutely loved all the attention to detail and design a McKee home has on top of its functionality. Definitely happy we stopped in. Thanks again Ali.

Customer Story - Chelsea

McKee Homes has been awesome! We have been in our home for over a year now and are still so happy with it as we were when we moved it. Their customer service is great! They really stand by their work and houses and make every effort to ensure things are done right. They build great quality houses. We've been talking with Rhonda and Andy on a few things and they have been absolutely wonderful. Very efficient and professional to deal with.

Customer Story - Evan and Sabrina

We have enjoyed the building process with McKee from the very beginning. Every step of the way was very organized and professional. The attention to detail in the planning phase was reflected during the building process. The staff is always pleasant and happy to answer any questions no matter how small. A special thank you to Jamie and Ali from the show home and to Mike who ran the cleanest job site we had ever seen!