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As a leading Airdrie home builder, McKee Homes is passionate about sharing our knowledge of and deep love for crafting homes, while helping youth discover construction and business skills, community leadership, and rewarding career opportunities. That’s why we created the Building Futures program in partnership with Rocky View School Division in 2013.

Through Building Futures, our team teaches grade 10 students about the trades and home building, while they work with and learn from our expert trade partners to build a home from the ground up. The process includes everything from design, surveying, drafting, and construction to the staging, marketing, and sales of the home. During the year, our students also have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals about credit, mortgages, and lending.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Ryan McCracken, 16. “You don’t see that very often where you get to go and build two houses from the ground up, and also learn your Grade 10 curriculum.”

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Current class & teachers

As our 2022 season starts off, the students will be building 2 homes in Reynolds Gate, (Coopers Crossing) with the guidance of their teachers Shaun and Travis, along with the expertise of Sheri McAlister (McKee Homes Site Superintendent) and our incredible trade partners. As this is our 10th year anniversary of the program there are even more opportunities available to the students than previous years! Including a dual credit program with SAIT where the students have the opportunity to visit the Technical College for 16 days over the second half of the semester to learn about different trades, business classes, entrepreneurship, and earn credits! Stay tuned for more information about what the 2022 - 10th year anniversary students get up to this year!

Our trade partners

Building Futures is not possible without the amazing support of our team of trades who demonstrate their knowledge and pride in their professions as part of construction of a new home. From start to finish, there are so many trade and supplier professionals that we would like to recognize and thank for their support and commitment to our students during their involvement in the construction of the home. Our Construction Project Manager Sheri orchestrates the project from start to finish and her commitment to the learning experience for the students is exemplary. Throughout the process, Sheri is supported from time to time by other departments within our company who bring their experience in design, sales, safety, business and warranty to the students.

Building Futures Timeline

View our updates below and follow along with our students as they build a new home from the ground up





Plumbing and HVAC



Insulate and Vapour Barrier

Drywall, Tape, Mud

Prime and Paint

Exhibition of Learning
 - June (TBA)

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