We have compiled a list of questions frequently asked by our customers. As we work with you to build your home, please pay special attention to these various stage information tips which should be useful for you:

CHOOSING MY NEW HOME - Sales Process F.A.Q.s

Thank you for your consideration of building your new home with McKee Homes Ltd.  We feel privileged to have this opportunity to explore the possibility of building your future home.

Currently you have probably just begun looking around at different showhomes and subdivisions to see if building a new home is the right decision for you.


This process will involve choosing your floor plan, your lot, your interior “specification”, and pricing your home so that you can get to a stage where you are confident entering into a legal purchase contract. During this process you will work closely with your sales person exploring your needs and wants for your new home. Your sales person will be able to offer you suggestions on how to customize a floor plan to work for you and they will also be able to offer you suggestions on changes that will help meet any budgetary needs. Once completed, they will ensure that you understand the offer to purchase and subsequent documentation.

There are 2 main elements that you need to consider when choosing your new home.  First would be your floor plan and secondly would be the lot that fits the floor plan you desire to have built.  With those 2 elements narrowed down then we can start to plan your new home.

The Floor Plan

  • Building homes in Airdrie for over 32 years means we have built a lot of floor plans, therefore we can offer you many different options when planning your new home.  The showhomes that we currently have built in Airdrie and Crossfield are a good place to start.  These showhomes were built because we feel that they are a good example of what current buyers are looking for.  We must also consider what the subdivisions require architecturally and what size of home the lots can accommodate.

The Lot

  • McKee Homes Ltd. builds in multiple areas of Airdrie and in Crossfield and because of this we are able to offer our clients a wide selection of land to choose from.  Each area offers unique benefits and your lifestyle, needs, and budget will help determine where your next home will be built.   Once you know what area suits you best then you will be able to narrow down the actual lot that works for you.  Common considerations when choosing a lot are the size of the lot, the grade of the lot i.e.; level, sunshine, or walk out and the orientation of the lot i.e.; North, East, South, or West facing.

The first thing that you should always do is speak to your mortgage broker or bank and get preapproved.  Knowing what you can afford will really help when determining what type of home you want to build.  With land in many areas of Airdrie, years’ worth of floor plans, and the ability to customize any home we can work with most budgets.  If you don’t have a mortgage broker we are happy to recommend one to you, we have strong working relationships with brokers and banks that are able to offer you competitive rates and special promotions.

Once you have a lot on hold your sales person will have the ability to work on pricing for your home, in most cases this will only take a few days to a week.  Please understand that in some circumstances changes that you hope to make will require an estimator to quote a price for you, this process can take up to an additional week depending on the complexity of the change and the current volume of quoting required throughout the company.  We do endeavour to have completed pricing back to you so that you are ready to move forward to signing a contract within the 3 week lot hold allocation, understanding that some plans and pricing will be completed quicker or take longer in some cases.

Once you have picked a lot that suits your needs in your chosen area then you can place a 3 week hold on the lot for $1000.00.  Payment may be made by cheque (or cash) and your cheque will be deposited.  In the next 3 weeks you will work closely with your sales person pricing your desired home on your reserved lot.  If you determine for any reason during this 3 week period that you would not like to proceed then your deposit is fully refundable.

Yes, Mckee Homes Ltd. allows clients the flexibility to make changes to the standard plans to ensure that your new home will suit your unique lifestyle.  Sometimes there can be structural, code, or architectural limitations, but we do our best to meet the needs of you and your family.

Yes, we can work with you to design a custom plan.  To start this process you will be required to pay a $10,000.00 non-refundable deposit.  You will meet directly with Grace McKee who will provide you with a consultation and help determine your needs for your new home, this may take more than one visit.  From that consultation a working set of blueprints will be produced.  If you decide to not proceed with contracting McKee Homes Ltd. after this point then you will own the full set of working blueprints, and will be given the digital files for these.  If you decide to proceed with contracting McKee Homes Ltd. (which of course we hope you do!) to build your custom home then your $10,000.00 will be applied towards the total purchase price on your contract.

No, due to copyright laws we are unable to build another builders plan and nor can they build our plans.

Each subdivision is owned by a developer, that developer creates a development plan that is approved by the City of Airdrie or Town of Crossfield.  This plans details what the overall feel and look of that specific area will be. Included in that development plan is a series of architectural controls which specifically details what the exterior of each home in that area will look like.  As a builder we are required to submit each home plan to the developer for approval.  This means that, while we are able to offer you the choices for the exterior elevation, colors, and materials the overall appearance of the home is determined by the developer. In some communities colours and elevations are pre-selected by the developer, but in all communities, must be approved. We do not control this process.  After your purchase contract is executed then you will meet with one of our home planners to help you make these choices within the developers’ regulations.

  • As previously mentioned your first deposit will be your $1,000.00 lot hold, this amount is applied to your final purchase price. 
  • A second deposit of 5% (of the total purchase price) is due once the conditions of your purchase contract are satisfied.  In some cases you will place a deposit of 10% in lieu of 5%.
  • An additional deposit may be required through the build process. In most cases this will be financed by your bank or mortgage broker, and is your responsibility to arrange with your chosen financial institution.  These additional draws are beneficial to our clients for a number of reasons.  When paid through your mortgage company, your name is added onto title outlining that you are now a partial owner of the home under construction.  In addition your mortgage interest rate will now be locked in protecting you from changing rates. If you have any specific questions in regards to drywall draws we can put you in touch with a mortgage specialist that will be glad to answer your questions.
  • When you build with McKee Homes your deposit is protected under the New Home Warranty Program of Alberta. Please see your agreement for the specific details. 

Every home, community, and home site, has its own unique situations. Manpower, weather, permits, city inspections, engineering, planning, complexity, architectural approvals; all of these items have an impact on when we can have a home ready for move in. Your possession date noted on the contract is a best estimate of the time based on experience. This date is a guide and is subject to change. Typically we will note a planned season of completion on your agreement, and as we move closer to completion, will be able to provide a more firm estimate. After the cabinets have been delivered and installed at your home, we will provide a finalized possession date to you. 

No, we only sign fixed price contracts meaning that your contract price is protected and will not change as long as you make selections within the contract terms.  

When you enter into the Design selection phase as noted below with the Home Planner, you may decide to add further enhancements to your home (adding any items is completely optional). Should you select further enhancements an amendment to the contract price can be completed should you wish to have the items added to your mortgage, having ensured you qualify for the addition. If you prefer to pay from your own funds for extra items, you can do this as well.

Yes, we welcome realtors and their clients into our showhomes. We do however require that the rules and regulations set out by the Calgary Real Estate Board and BILD Calgary Region are followed. This states that in order for your realtor to participate in the transaction then they must be present on your first visit to the showhome and must register you as their client. As a member of CREB, your realtor will be aware of these regulations.

No, McKee Homes charges you the same for your home regardless of if you have a realtor or not.

A condition to a purchase contract by definition is; “a legal term describing a condition or event that must come to pass before a specific contract is considered in effect or any obligations are expected of either party”.  Your sales person can help you articulate the conditions that should be written into your purchase contract in your favour.  A deadline for a condition is also required, it is your responsibility to ensure that the condition in your favour is satisfied on or before that date.  If the condition cannot be satisfied by the dated specified in the contract then you can ask your sales person to amend this date to a later date.  The builder will then have to agree to this amendment for it to be valid.  It is very important to understand that these conditions are legally binding and must be satisfied or amended on or before the agreed upon date or your contract will be considered null and void. 

The most common condition to a purchase contract is the condition of satisfactory financing.  You will be required to produce a letter from your mortgage broker or bank stating that you are unconditionally approved for the mortgage in correlation with the details of your specific purchase contract.   

Once you have satisfied the conditions in your contract and signed a “wavier of conditions” with your sales person and paid the applicable deposit then your contract will be assigned to one of our home planners. Your home planner will be in contact with you to set your first home planning meeting within 72 hours. Your home planner meeting will commence Monday – Friday between 8:00am-3:00pm. As we are sure you can understand, this is your most important asset and will require you to make time during regular business hours for a series of home planner and supplier meetings. 

Yes. At McKee Homes we have been members with the Alberta New Home Warranty program for many years. We have achieved regular service awards with Alberta New Home Warranty including the Golden Hammer Award, The Distinguished Builder Medallion, and the Platinum Award of Distinction. We were also top three finalists in the 2016 H.O.M.E. award with Customer Insight where homeowners are independently surveyed for satisfaction. in 2017 we were also honoured to receive the Airdrie Business Legacy award and the Business Leader award.

Since building permits issued Feb 1, 2014, warranty on all new homes constructed is now also mandated by the Alberta Government and the Insurance Act through the New Home Buyers Protection Act, and consequently your home will be registered with a one year materials and workmanship warranty; a two year delivery systems warranty (plumbing, heating, electrical); a five year envelope warranty; and a ten year structural warranty. Our Warranty provider continues to be the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.  Although not required by government McKee Homes also ensure you have deposit protection through the program. You will receive more information on this warranty insurance upon completion of the home and with your contract documents.

Rob Doel - Vice President - Land and Sales - rob@mckeehomes.com

Heather Yates – Sales Manager – heather@mckeehomes.com

Ryan Doel - Marketing Analyst and Coordinator - ryan@mckeehomes.com

Susan Snider - Conveyancing Administrator - susan@mckeehomes.com

Coopers Crossing and Reynolds - Nancy Harris

Bayside Estates – Alexandra Larsen and Jamie McLachlin

Chinook Gate - Mark Penaluna

Kings Heights and Lanark - Doug Kirk

Ravenswood - Sarah Gleason

Vista Heights Crossfield - Leo Doiron


Please accept our thanks for choosing us to build your home.  You will receive these “FAQ” documents another three times during the upcoming period of design, construction, and warranty, and hope you will find the information helpful, together with your Homeowner Manual when received.  We hope you enjoy the rest of the process to come, and assure you of our continued support.


Elaine McKee Doel



Thank you again for choosing McKee Homes Ltd. to build your new home.  We feel privileged to build your home and will endeavor to ensure it is everything you hoped for.

By now, you have completed your purchase contract, you have organized your financing (if applicable), and are about to start your meetings with your Home Planner and the various supplier companies.


From the time your offer is firm, we allow approximately ten weeks to move through the entire design and planning process with you. While this does change from time to time, and from community to community it is our goal to be ready to apply for permits at the completion of this stage.  Permits will take one to three weeks to receive.

  • Initial meeting with Home Planner
  • Selections with Suppliers
  • Second meeting with Home Planner
  • Sign off meeting with Home Planner

The first two Home Planner meetings will be approximately two hours each and meeting start times are available between 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday. They will occur at the McKee Homes Design centre, at our main office – 406 1st Ave NW, Airdrie. The sign-off meeting is usually about an hour in the same location and with the same time availability.

During your initial meeting we will review your blueprints, general home information, specification, and choices made during your contract stage. As well, we will select exterior colors and confirm windows. If time permits we will start making selections with you in the design centre. You will also be given a Supplier Selection sheet which will advise you of how to make appointments to view and choose some very important elements of your home.

Each subdivision is owned by a developer, that developer creates a development plan that is approved by the municipality.  This plans details what the overall feel and look of that specific area will be.  Included in that development plan is a series of architectural controls which specifically details what the exterior of each home in that area will look like.  As a builder we are required to submit each home plan to the developer for approval.  This means that, while we are able to offer you choices for the exterior elevation, colors, and materials the overall appearance of the home is determined by the developer. In some communities colours and elevations are pre-selected by the developer, but in all communities, must be approved. Selections your future neighbours have made will limit your choices for exterior finish materials or colors. The sooner you make your selections, the more choices you have in most communities. While you may have an allowance included for architectural elements we believe will be required as part of your contract, there may be additions which the developer will require which will be added to your extras. Viewing existing homes is one way to select exterior colors. Selections often look different on a full-size home. Some exterior paint colors require extra coverage which can impact the cost. We are not able to control this process other than to submit your choices once you have made them within the guidelines and await the decision from the Architectural Coordinator for each community.

Your Home Planner will provide a list to you of locations and contact information to book your supplier appointments. You will need to have all of your supplier meetings and subsequent choices completed (selected, reviewed, signed off) in 4-6 weeks from your initial Home Planner meeting. This allows us to get the appropriate pricing information to you in the event you have made changes or selected enhancements to your home. Please know any items presented to you as enhancements by the suppliers are completely optional. Whatever specification you have selected with us has many options and are of good quality. Finalizing your choices on time allows us to continue with our planned schedule of events in order to be able to apply for the building permit.

The suppliers you will meet with are noted below, depending on your Specification. They will all know in advance the products you need to choose and the floor plan you have selected to build and the various specification choices included. While the final blueprints may not quite be available for them, they will have enough information to help you with your selections. The planners you work with at the supplier companies may present additional options to you, or you may have additional ideas you want to incorporate as an extra. Please know that any enhancements are completely optional, but we are glad to accommodate what you would like to have if it is possible. If you have questions through the below process, please contact your Home Planner who can help guide you. You have probably already spent lots of time thinking about what you love, and maybe you would even like to do some of the same elements and colours you have seen in our showhomes – now is the time you get to make your visions become reality with your selections! Enjoy!

Appliance Supplier

Typically you will be selecting fridge, dishwasher, stove, over the range microwave (OTR) OR Chimney Hood fan, microwave and trim kit. You have an appliance allowance to use for your appliances included in the base price of your home. Be sure to keep in mind that some appliances may have additional electrical or gas requirements that are not included in your home. It is your responsibility to communicate with the home planner if you select something different. Please note your allowance is for appliances only and any additional requirements such as specialty cabinetry, gas, venting, or electrical items will be in addition to this cost. We do ask that you make appliance selections your first supplier visit, as the sizes of appliances are needed for the cabinet supplier at a very early stage.

Cabinet Supplier

You will be reviewing the cabinet layout which is included with your home and selecting cabinet door style, cabinet color and cabinet hardware. A few things to keep in mind are to be very certain about the distances you want between islands and wall cabinets, height of any eating bar areas, height of upper cabinets and base cabinets, differing colours, hardware colour and size. If you need help understanding your layout, please ask the supplier to explain it carefully with you. Your signed acceptance does mean that you understand what has been written down and that it is what you selected. When you meet with the electrician, be sure to remember to discuss the special details for your kitchen – for instance if you have a wall pantry, the electrician cannot install a plug in that location; if you have added a TV inside a cabinet, you will want to have that wired for, those types of things. Be sure to ask any questions that you can think of. We also will have advised the supplier of specific items for your home in advance aswell.

Granite Supplier

You will select your granite or quartz countertop, countertop edge and have an opportunity to select your actual slab of granite that will be used in your home. When meeting with the granite supplier and checking the layouts, again be sure you understand what you have agreed to. Ask about seam locations; often in a large island a seam will be necessary, particularly in quartz product. It is also very common to have seams adjacent to stove or sink areas depending on the layout. As you can imagine, transport and safety and product limitations all effect where seams might need to be placed. What thickness will your granite be? What type of edge have you selected?

Hardwood Supplier

A few things to keep in mind if you have hardwood for your home are the locations; if you make changes to where the hardwood is going, it is very important that you communicate this with the Home Planner as this can affect other elements of the home. Some other tips would be do you want engineered hardwood (veneer over plywood) or solid hardwood? What species of wood do you like? What is the colour scheme of cabinets and other woodwork in your home? Board width? There are many products included in your range which are of high quality and with lots of colour choice.

Flooring Supplier

Here you will select the carpet, lino or floor tile depending on the specification to your contract, laminate if applicable, kitchen backsplash, bathroom tile surrounds, paint color(s), trim color, stain color and laminate countertop color. (Not all items listed are applicable in all homes). It sounds like a lot but there will be a skilled design consultant working with you at the supplier location to help you with your choices. A few tips: Come in with an idea or a photo of something you like, and if you do change flooring types or locations, it is your responsibility to communicate this with your Home Planner. Please be sure that you understand what you have agreed to when signing off; as with the other suppliers, if you do not understand their specific terminology and model numbers, please ask them to go through it with you clearly.

Audio Visual Supplier

This is where you have an opportunity to add any speaker wiring and home automation. This is an optional appointment, but we do offer it to you if you desire. Depending on your specification, you may have pre-wiring for security included in the home aswell – the same contractor conducts the alarm pre-wire as does any speaker and audio work for us. Technology is constantly changing and you may have some ideas as to including some in your home. This is the place you can do that.


Here you meet with the electrician at their office to review all the electrical details of your home. You will review all your plug, switch, vaccum rough in locations if applicable, and fixture and/or pot light locations. It is very important at this meeting that you consider your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry selections made, and any audio visual changes you have made. In addition, if you have items in your home that may require dedicated circuits such as freezers, treadmills and other work out equipment; have you selected additional cabinetry wiring after you made choices with the cabinet company; what have you picked for your appliances; all of these things are important to consider in your electrical meeting. The electrician will know what is included in your home as per the contract and specifications agreed upon.

Lighting Supplier

This is where you will be selecting the interior and exterior light fixtures. You have a lighting allowance to select lighting included in the base price of your home. If you have pot lights in your home, they are not part of the lighting allowance. If you want to add more pot lights for instance, this would be done through the electrician.

Optional Window Covering Supplier

Some clients choose to have window coverings added into their home as an optional feature. If you have done so or are thinking you would like to, you will have the opportunity to meet with the supplier for these materials aswell. Consider your colour choices and the overall look and feel of your home décor. Blinds can be a great way to add a finished look to your home, and of course, privacy and sun protection.

This meeting will take approximately 2 hours and has the same appointment start times available as the first meeting. At this meeting we will review any changes to blueprints which were decided at your first meeting and we will complete your design centre selections. In the design meeting and design centre, you will view and discuss some of the following items:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Specialty framing details such as arch styles, alcoves
  • Fireplace
  • Railings, door hardware, shelving, carpentry details such as door and trim styles
  • Stain and paint colours are decided at your flooring appointment
  • Feel free to use this meeting to review any questions you may have from your supplier visits

This meeting will take approximately 1 hour and has the same appointment start times available as the first and second meetings.  At this meeting you will sign off on your blueprints, job control and extras statement. Any changes made after this meeting will be subject to change order fees and possible delays in possession. If some of your changes made previously (example - adding basement development) require additional time, you will have been informed of this during an earlier meeting. Delaying sign-off will delay construction start, and ultimately move-in date.

If you select any enhancements during our design meetings, or during your supplier visits, they will be compiled all together and included in an “Extras Statement”. As well, if you have allowances which you have not used in full, these will be credited back to you in this statement. If you wish to add these monies to your mortgage, and do qualify for the increase, please ask your Home Planner to draft an “Extras Amendment” to your contract which you will need to deliver to your bank to be sure they are aware of the changes which will be needed to your mortgage document. This must be completed in advance of drywall stage for your home. Should you be paying cash for your extras at closing, this will be done with the lawyers once they receive the final statement from our office, approximately three weeks before possession. We will review Extras with you again in your Construction FAQs.

Yes, once construction commences, you will receive an update to the tentative date. Please keep in mind you will receive a firm possession date after cabinets are completed. Up until then, there are too many variable to be able to provide a firm date.

Grace McKee - Executive Vice President – grace@mckeehomes.com

Don Friesen – Senior Architectural Technologist

John Melissen - Architectural Technologist

Alexandria Rawlyck – Senior Home Planner – alex@mckeehomes.com

Ashley Bevelander – Home Planner – ashley@mckeehomes.com

Derek Jones - Estimator - derekjones@mckeehomes.com

LeeAnn Fries - Office Manager




Please accept our sincere thanks for choosing us to build your home. We are excited to move into the design phase with you, and then a few months later, construction will begin.


Elaine McKee Doel


Thank you again for choosing McKee Homes Ltd. to build your new home.  We feel privileged to build your home and will endeavor to ensure it is everything you hoped for.

By now, you have completed your purchase contract, you have organized your financing (if applicable), spent some time with your Home Planner choosing various home detail components, and you have made your design choices with most suppliers. Now it’s time for us to bring it all together with construction.

Phase I – Planning and Permits (you may be through this phase already, or depending on circumstances you may already be at “sign-off stage” but these items aren’t started yet)

  • Grade slips
  • Permits
  • Release from design to construction

Phase II – Foundation

  • Stake out
  • Excavate and pour footings
  • Place and pour foundation walls
  • Damp poof foundation, gravel and weeping tile around foundation, underground utilities
  • Inspections – municipality

Phase III – Framing

  • Backfill
  • Framing
  • Rough in plumbing, heating, electric, and, if applicable, audio, security
  • Inspections – municipality
  • Roofing

Phase IV – Drywall

  • Insulate (siding may be started already, or if not started, then blue seal is done)
  • Gravel basement floor (this may occur later if during winter)
  • Pour basement floor (this may occur later if during winter)
  • Drywall
  • Tape, texture ceilings, sand walls

Phase V – Finishing

  • Prime walls
  • Finish carpentry (install doors, window trims, shelving etc), install interior railings (schedule can vary greatly at this stage depending on the components in the home)
  • Install cabinetry
  • Drywall touch up
  • Stain, lacquer and paint (usually we only install one coat of paint at initial stage and your final coat is installed at the end)


Phase VI – Flooring and finals

  • Install flooring and wall tiles (schedule can vary greatly at this stage depending on products selected and complexity)
  • Final electric, plumbing and carpentry
  • Install window screens and adjust windows and doors, appliances
  • Clean and final paint
  • Inspections – municipality

For Exterior work such as siding, masonry, driveways, parging, painting, decks, railings, these tasks work into the schedule based on resource allocation and weather conditions. Often you will not see railings, painting, and stonework until later in the build. Driveways, grading and loaming is done on a community basis to maximize resources. Often driveways, grading and loaming will not be complete at possession depending on which stage we are at in your community, as well as time of year, however, as per the requirements of New Home Warranty, this work is guaranteed to be complete a maximum one year following possession. Once the grading and loaming is done, you will in about a month receive a lot grading certificate. You are not permitted to commence landscaping until you have received this as per City By-laws.

We discourage changes to the home after the blueprints are complete and choices made as all trades have already received your original information and selections.  If you must make a change (and it is possible), please note that it does come with an administration fee of $450.00 plus the cost of the change, regardless of the work is started or not. The change will likely also cause a possession delay.  This ensures all appropriate trades and suppliers can be made aware of the change which we have taken responsibility for.  Once you have finalized supplier and paint selections, changes to these choices (if they are possible) will also receive the same administration fee.

When you have a question about the home during construction, please contact our Construction Administrator Susan Snider at susan@mckeehomes.com. Susan will either answer your question or forward it to your Superintendent. As your Superintendent is on site all day dealing with scheduling of trades, material, and overseeing workmanship in your home, if they need to respond they will endeavor to do so within two business days. Please understand while something may feel like an emergency to you, it is often not critical to the path of construction and your Superintendent will make that decision. You also have an opportunity to meet with him or her on site following completion of framing and finishing should you wish to.  You will also receive periodic updates from us as we reach key milestones completion in the home such as excavation complete, framing complete, drywall, finish carpentry stage and others. If you have questions in between updates, as above, please contact Susan.

You will receive an update from Susan on the planned possession date once the home has been released to construction (generally speaking we will update you once the home is excavated). Depending on how the process of planning and all approvals has gone, this date may match your original planned date, or may be after this date. Keep in mind this is a tentative date as we do need to overcome potential weather issues which will arise during the build. We will provide a finalized, firm possession date once cabinets have been installed. Generally speaking, we require a minimum of 10 weeks from the day the finish carpenter enters the home in order to complete it.  If there is specialty work, basement development, a large amount of floor tile or hardwood, then more time is required.

No. As there are many factors not limited to manpower availability, weather, inspection days, engineering requirements, etc, there will be days that your home will not have workers in attendance. We do plan each home individually and will need to make schedule adjustments as the build progresses.

No. Each home we build is unique, and each site will have its own unique situations that occur. Sometimes you will notice a home started before or after yours moving at a different pace. This is normal. In addition, sometimes there are material, trade, and weather restrictions for example which will require deviations to the schedule for the home.

Home visits can be made to the home site on four occasions - With your superintendent at your frame walkthrough and finishing carpentry walkthrough, and with your sales person at drywall and flooring. We will contact you when appropriate to take advantage of these tour days if you would like (not mandatory). Access is restricted outside of these appointments without a pre-scheduled appointment for your safety. While a home construction project is unique in that you can drive by and see it being created in front of you rather than contained in a factory, we ask that you respect our safety and site visit time regulations. These rules are in place for your protection and to allow us to complete the work we have committed to. If you see anything that contradicts what was done in planning, during these home tours is a good time to note this, or with Susan. For the two site visits with your superintendent, a one hour time frame will be allotted.

Your deposit monies are due as per the terms of your contract. If you have advances during the build, you will be notified in writing as to when these payments are due (please see contract). If you have a mortgage for these monies, it is HIGHLY important that you contact your financial institution in order to sign the appropriate documents to ensure the advance can be forwarded. If you are adding extras chosen to your mortgage and you qualify for this addition, you need to get that information to your bank well in advance. (More on extras below.) You will also need to meet with the lawyer at this stage to sign documents if a mortgage is involved. It is your responsibility to ensure you have dealt with your financial institution and lawyer to avoid costly delays.

If you have chosen to add extras to your original contract prior to or during the build process, and wish to have these included in your mortgage (and you qualify for that change), it is extremely important that you ask us to draw up an amendment to the contract price. As we are not privy to your financial details, please understand it is your responsibility to request this amendment to the price and it is your responsibility to forward to your financial institution. Until this is done, the preparation of documents cannot be completed and could hold up advances or closing, causing interest to be charged. About three weeks prior to possession, it is important that you contact the lawyers to sign any final documents and pay any additional cash to close or extras that are required in order for possession to proceed as planned. You will need to provide proof of property insurance for your bank as well. Keys will not be available until the lawyers give approval.

When you receive your possession confirmation date, this letter will also come with the time to attend your walkthrough orientation. This ideally will be up to a week prior to your move-in and depending on schedule, may alternatively occur on the same day as move-in. The orientation takes about two hours, and is your opportunity to review the completed home with our Warranty Technician. You will receive additional information about your home at this time, such as various manuals. Warranty tips, and more information will be shared with you at your 60 day warranty appointment.

If there are items that need attention identified at the walkthrough that we were unable to complete in advance of your move-in, we can schedule these for a “Trades Day” in the first few weeks after possession (which is a pre-booked appointment with you that trades attend to complete their tasks). You will receive a copy of “Warranty FAQs” around the time of your closing as well to help guide you through the warranty period.

Mike Pierce – Superintendent (Ravenswood, Kings Heights, Lanark)

Sheri McAllister -  Superintendent (Cooper's Crossing, Reynolds, Building Futures)

Terry Lindsay - Superintendent Assistant

Mike Macsymic – Superintendent (Bayside)

Derek Werenka - Superintendent (Chinook, Vista Crossing, Commercial)

Derek Jones - Estimator

Shelley Fiander - Controller  

Trisia Beaudin - Permit Coordinator 

Please accept our thanks for choosing us to build your home, and we hope you will enjoy watching it all come together over the next months. 


Elaine McKee Doel


Welcome to your new home! The moment you have been waiting for has arrived! Once you begin to settle in you may have some questions about what happens now that you are living in your home.

Your Warranty Team is ready to communicate and resolve issues during the first year comprehensive warranty of the materials and workmanship of your new home. There are 2 Scheduled warranty reviews that we recommend take place in the first year, at 60 days from possession, and at 11 months from possession.  Unlike a car where you can just drop it off and come back later, the warranty process in a new home is more complex, but we endeavour to complete all work as agreed in a timely fashion. For your convenience the McKee Office phone number is 403-948-6595

The below is a sample of some frequent questions, in which we hope will help answer concerns you may have.

We will strive to complete all items before you move in, if the orientation was completed a week prior, however, some items may not be completed due to unavailability of product, or weather conditions.  If the orientation and possession are on the same day, then a Trade’s day will be needed (Answer #6), but we will correct items as quickly as possible or convenient to you. Generally speaking, we would aim for completion of any walkthough items within three weeks of your possession, again barring weather or material shortages/back orders.

The Orientation/Walkthrough document is your “report card” of the home to Alberta New Home Warranty, and McKee Homes, and the basis for determining whether any new concerns are warrantable, or not.  If you notice anything new after you move in, please start a list of them that we can review on the 60 day appointment.  If an emergency issue arises during non-business hours, please contact the trade directly, from the contact list we placed by your electrical box in the Utility room.

When building your home, we follow the guidelines of the Alberta government Construction Performance Guide, and the Alberta Building Code. Items which do not meet these standards would be considered as items requiring attention. Some items will require the discretion of your warranty technician to determine whether additional work is required.

Some of the elements of your Home/Lot are considered seasonal items, and can be completed when weather permits.  Concrete flatwork and grading are generally only completed in summer months, while painting, parging, and stonework can be completed on warm days during fall/winter months.  An information guide is included with your Orientation package. It is important to note that once the grading and loam (topsoil) are complete, if the developer of your community has additional involvement with your landscaping or trees, this will proceed in due course as per their schedule. We are not part of this process but the community developer’s website should provide additional info for you. 

Your home warranty is legislated by the Alberta government’s New Homebuyer’s Protection Act, which all residential homebuilders adhere to.  There is a comprehensive 1 year warranty on the workmanship and materials of the home, 2 years on the delivery systems (Plumbing, heating, electrical), 5 years on the building envelope – which are the components of the home which separate the climates (interior – exterior), and 10 years on the structure of the home.  McKee Homes and Alberta New Home Warranty Program, (your 3rd party warranty provider) work together to ensure any deficiencies or defects in materials and workmanship are corrected in the time-frames specified above.

The items needing attention in your home are communicated to your Warranty Administrator and then if needed,  the Warranty Technician will inspect the items and determine if warrantable, and how it can be corrected. The Warranty Administrator generates requests to the trade partners to correct the concern where needed.  At this time it is decided whether workers ask for an appointment with the homeowner directly, or a “Trade’s Day” appointment is best. There is additional information in your Homeowners Manual on the process for warranty items. 

A Trades’ Day appointment is a date and time suitable to you (Homeowner) in which we have all work completed at the same time, to shorten the time and inconvenience, that workers are in your home.  The Warranty Technician is there for the duration of the appointment, to direct the trades as to what is needed, and also could do some of the items as well.  We give our trades 2 weeks notice for all appointments, so they can schedule themselves to attend, and to have all supplies/product ready for them. While the government's Mandatory Warranty requires that the homeowner make the home available for any needed warranty, we do recognize this can be difficult and try to work with you to minimize time commitment where possible. There are however some tasks that simply cannot be completed in one appointment.  

You will receive a letter asking for an appointment for a 60 day inspection, in which the Warranty Technician meets with you to go over the systems of your home, answer any questions about the home, and also inspect items from a checklist on the home we have prepared. If there are items that need to be addressed from this inspection, an appointment is set up to correct them (usually 2 weeks later).  Both 60 day and year-end appointments are voluntary – they do not affect your new home warranty, rather they are a chance for us to help educate and review any systems or features of your home with you.

You will receive a letter close to the end of the year, in which it asks you for an appointment. This is our chance to review the homes’ systems again, and answer any concerns you may have on the home.  It is also the time when settlement issues are most likely addressed (such as minor drywall items or silicone shrinkage for example), now that the home has gone through its’ four seasons since possession.

Any interruption in service, water, heat, lights not working are emergency items, also any items that could cause damage or harm to you (the residents) such as a loose railing, doors or locks that don’t work.  Please contact us with any concern, and we can address it promptly. If an emergency happens after normal business hours, please refer to the list posted beside your electrical panel for emergency numbers for plumbing and heating. 

The Plumbing and Heating companies have a 24 hr. emergency numbers to contact them, which is on the sheet put in the basement, next to your electrical panel. If it is utility related, contact your utility provider.  If it is anything else that is not an emergency, please call our office and leave a message

You cannot landscape until you have a Lot Grade Certificate.  A Lot Grade Certificate is required by the City of Airdrie, it is the approval document that means the grading on your lot passes the Surface Water Management By-law.  We include an information pamphlet from the city in your orientation documents.  Once you receive that approval, you can begin landscaping and fence building etc. Once you have the “topsoil” installed and leveled on your site, a survey will confirm the ground conditions meet that approved in planning by the municipality and the developer. Minor adjustments will be dealt with quickly and the site confirmed and a “field level pass” issued to us. When we receive the field level pass you are OK to proceed. The survey company engineer will then draft what is called “Schedule D”. This document is sent to the city for their files.

As a new homeowner, you do have certain responsibilities in the maintenance of your home.  Our Homeowners’ Manual provides you with that information in chapter 8.  Things like furnace filter replacement, sealing of driveway/sidewalk, checking attic insulation, managing moisture and condensation, are covered in it.

Andy Morrell – Warranty Manager – andy@mckeehomes.com

Rhonda Cassell – Warranty Administrator – rhonda@mckeehomes.com

Allison Fadden – Warranty Technician

Robin Noseworthy – Warranty Technician

Please again accept our thanks for choosing us for the privilege of building your home and we wish you every happiness.


Elaine McKee Doel